Plan de Clase

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Subject: English

Context: obligatory course for English E.S.O. [3RD COURSE]
Goals of the project:


At the end of the project students will have practised

The ability of study different texts with relevant information

Study techniques,summary mainly

Web 2.0

At the end of the project students will have discussed about the following topics:

Structure and uses of will
Structure and uses of first conditional
Structure and uses of the present passive

Students will have the opportunity to

-use different Webtools for learning ( wikis,blogs, online platforms, voice tools and text)

-work in groups

In this project the students will have to upload a power point presentation in a wiki created to such effect in which they will have to develop a grammatical point [to choose between the ones previously mentioned].This presentation must be both visual and narrated.
Then they will have to upload their presentations in their own blogs.
All these presentations will be shown to the rest of their mates